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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take Advantage of the Dark

Good bye Daylight Savings Time, hello completely dark by 6PM! Fall and Winter are actually one of my two favorite times to show off clients homes... think about it, nothing feels more welcoming than a fire in the fireplace, candles lit, lights dimmed and music playing. Think of a showing like an evening of having friends over and making them feel welcome. Add fresh flowers and something to eat like chocolates in a candy dish, baked cookies (it's getting close to the holidays), etc and you've touched on four senses of a buyer. Showing houses is very routine... they are usually dark & cold and then only lights that get turned on are the ones the showing agent can find, a home really stands out when a seller makes an effort to present the home well. It's not always the quantity of showings, it's the quality that will likely make your home sell. If that Buyer isn't the "one" the showing agent may have another buyer that is, so your are appealing to them as well, it's worth the extra effort.


Brian said...

Lighting is everything! Some houses look so much warmer and better at night, especially when they have a patio like the one pictured in your post. I have listings that look great in the evening and I try to get the buyer's agent to bring their client by for a second showing at night so they can see the patio, firepit, etc. all lit up. When buyers see that they immediately start picturing themselves in the home having a party with all their friends.

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